Highmark Companies Scholarship Awards

Here at Highmark Companies, we are passionate about building trust and giving back to our surrounding community. Therefore, we are aiming to help provide two high school seniors with financial help so that they can pursue their dream career path in supporting the construction industry.

We believe construction trades are the backbone of our community. While often overlooked, higher education can be a critical step to set a firm foundation to build your career on. Construction & trade paths can also be very lucrative with stable career opportunities which provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

The W.I.D.T.H of our foundation is built by the strong character that we exemplify. Our five core values, (Wise, Intentional, Driven, Trustworthy and Humble) are at the center of all the decisions we make. Regardless of which career path you choose — if these core values are a part of who you are, Highmark would love to help you succeed.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Education Level: High School Senior

Field of Study: Sales, Design, Surveying, Architecture, Project Management, Skilled Trades (welding, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc.), Finance, Marketing, or any field of study that can support the construction industry.

Selection Criteria: Highmark’s Core Values; Wise, Intentional, Driven, Trustworthy, Humble

Application Deadline: May 1st, 2024

Decision Deadline: May 15th, 2024

To apply

  • Tell us (in a one-page essay) about yourself, which high school you currently attend, why winning this award would be meaningful to you, and what impacts you believe technology will have on the future of construction and the labor force.
  • Tell us which scholarship you are interested in applying for:
    • Tuition Assistance of $1000 – (winner will receive a scholarship paid to their school of choice to apply towards education credits)
    • Trade Tools up to $1000 – (Upon notification that they won; the student will have an opportunity to provide a wish list of tools that Highmark will purchase for them to start their career off on the right foot)
  • Submit all the above, via email to careers@highmarkcos.com with Subject line “2024 Highmark Companies Scholarship Submission” *
* By applying for this scholarship, you are providing authorization that allows Highmark to publish a photo of our winners alongside their essays, on our website.